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Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Haryana Tenders Ref.No 50604952
Closing Date 20 - Jul - 2022  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, installation, commissioning and operation and maintenance services of continuous ambient air quality monitoring stations (caaqms) in gurugram and faridabad districts of haryana state, india.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50674937
Closing Date 20 - Jul - 2022  |  19 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply, installation, commissioning and training of fully automated haematology 3 part differential blood cell counter along with consumables, accessories and Annual maintenance contract as per technical specifications attached
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 50131382
Closing Date 18 - Jul - 2022  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of distributor iso electro pneumatic/spring es6031d-7690409000, bush valve gear es6031d-2702004000, fresh water temp. sensor (rtd) es6031d-7651320000, temperature sensor ek3010b-7651330000, bearing es6031d-7602461000, relay es6031d-7690406000, set of spares for air valve and actuator es6031d-7642126000, gal vanic insulator es6031d-7690413000, engine controller es6031d-7690919000, svae overspeed card es6031d-7690901000, o ring es6031d-7602466000, distributor iso electro pneumatic/electric es6031d-7690408000, solenoid valve es6031d-7690411000, o ring an26, 60c7 es6031d-7606402000, bearing es6031d-7602467000, con,rod assly. (straight cut) es6031d-2709050000, lt pump assly cw es6031d-7601560000, o ring an21 nse 6.5 60c7 es6031d-7916152000, set of seal for gali starter es6031d-7600935000, injector assly es6031d-7606450000, joint type c with limiter es6031d-7607603000, temperature regulator (fresh water es6031d-7690921000, joint,dia 184x240xep.2 es6031d-7426506000, flex hose es6031d-7600674000, rtd input field module type 170aai52040+slave 170fnti11001 es6031d-7690174000, o ring for glacier filter gf600-11 es6031d-7942150000, pneumatic distributor pneu/pneu es6031d-ex00300103, pr switch type 4140c-19 bar es6031d-7552514000, gasket es6031d-7249457000, release spring es6031d-7255242000, tappet es6031d-7903331000, copper washer(24x32) es6031d-5050828000, copper washer (48x55) es6031d-5050846000, copper washer es6031d-5050808000, gasket es6031d-7448821000, loctite 270 es6031d-7900132000, pressure guage with glycerine, i/p-0-10 bar es6031d-ex01300103, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-18.f2d es6031d-7532006000, loctite 641 es6031d-7901620000, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-0.6-f2c es6031d-7532004000, sheathed injection pipe es6031d-7910101000, viton oil seal(15x30x10) es6031d-7916150000, filter es6031d-ex00800103, o ring es6031d-7914913000, copper washer (12x16) es6031d-5050809000, gasket ring es6031d-7248829000, oil seal (190x160x15) es6031d-7250311000, injector pump pin es6031d-7426018000, loctite 518 es6031d-7506835000, pressure regulator es6031d-ex14500102, copper joint es6031d-5050817000, friction disc gr 2 es6031d-7250316000, dunb bushes 25-25 du es6031d-7905319000, analog indicator, 0-150deg, i/p4-20ma, 72 es6031d-e409306042, copper washer(60x68) es6031d-5050851000, overspeed pressure switch-15 bar es6031d-a625324, pneumatic switch for local/remote operation es6031d-ex14400102, pressure gauge 0-40 bar es6031d-30669250, set of gasket-moatti fuel filter hyd. motor es6031d-7446910000, pressure regulating valve es6031d-7460540000, half clamping collar es6031d-7903186000, loctite 307 es6031d-7911612000, locking plate es6031d-7248827000, angular contact bearing es6031d-7255232000, spcial nut es6031d-7903318000, sensor ref 19127sc es6031d-7448001000, gasket es6031d-7449157000, o-ring ann74 nse 6.5 60c7 es6031d-7906819000, copper washer es6031d-5050831000, locking disc es6031d-7248826000, gasket ring es6031d-7248835000, press plate es6031d-7250315000, external roto 5-8 hole 3 by 4 bsp es6031d-7255240000, fuel rack sensor 19121 es6031d-7440402000, analog indicator, 72x72, 0-40bar, i/p4-20m es6031d-e408706042, centre plate es6031d-7250329000, floating plate es6031d-7250330000, o' ring d=8,21a7,l 12cm es6031d-7446602000, sealing ring an 13 60c7 es6031d-7902948000, joint es6031d-7232813000, nitrile cord d7 1123l es6031d-7903626000, o ring,an21,60c7,nse 6.5 es6031d-7910303000, air tube es6031d-7250317000, o ring no 87 21a7 es6031d-7411503000, full flow element es6031d-7441997000, gasket es6031d-7448713000, snap ring es6031d-7902905000, flexible joint es6031d-7907807000, analog indicator, 72x72, 0-bar, i/p4-20ma es6031d-e409006042, solenoid valve es6031d-ex13200102, tc speed sensor es6031d-7607175000, exhaust temperature sensor es6031d-7605903000, connecting rod temperature sensor es6031d-7600702000, loctite 480 ek3010b-7602542000, hexagon bolt es6031d-513022, lock washer pair es6031d-513024, o ring fuel pipe es6031d-7607917000.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 50185130
Closing Date 18 - Jul - 2022  |  17 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of machinery and machining tools - bush es6031d-7533508000, o ring es6031d-7533514000, o ring es6031d-7533513000, ring nse6.531 21a7no ms 229 es6031d-7902939000, valve seat es6031d-7432436000, joint for balmo fuel feed pump es6031d-7442102000, o' ring idp 038 x 2u es6031d-7432634000, o' ring idp 130 x 3up es6031d-7432635000, mechanical seal es6031d-7432646000, oval joint es6031d-7908821000, seal kit 35/42 deg c es6031d-7550412000, seal kit 74/82 deg c es6031d-7550312000, cyclam seal set es6031d-7526695000, bearing es6031d-7426616000, bs ring-bsb d12 nse6.51 20a8 es6031d-7909308000, gasket es6031d-7430642000, spare part kit for fw/sw heat exchanger es6031d-7550513000, ball bearing es6031d-7905012000, shim es6031d-7405123000, set of o ring for lub oil cooler es6031d-7531011000, circlip es6031d-5050128000, oil seal retainer es6031d-7432427000, packing at both end es6031d-7432433000, sperical roller bearing es6031d-7432423000, bs ring es6031d-7409407000, gasket es6031d-7425134000, round joint es6031d-7531208000, non return valve assly es6031d-7909309000, seal joint es6031d-7916811000, seal joint es6031d-7916810000, loctite es6031d-7915237000, gasket es6031d-7908912000, seal-balmo fuel feed pump es6031d-7426972000, bearing bush es6031d-7426963000, bush dia 22/26 x 14 es6031d-7432641000, distributor disc tufftriding comp es6031d-8004805000, flexmaster conn -64(for pipe-114.3mm-o.d).nbr es6031d-7533207000, o ring i 438x4 60c7 es6031d-7430629000, gasket es6031d-7430638000, thermostat element 74/82 deg c es6031d-7550311000, thermostat element 35/42 deg c es6031d-7550411000, spring es6031d-7904404000, ball es6031d-5052921000, coupling-holder es6031d-7904612000, scale shim(bar) es6031d-7904617000, plunger spring es6031d-7904615000, banjo bolt es6031d-5050403000, set of full flow elements(fm s01 lo filter) es6031d-7438675000, set of diversion element for fms01 lo filter) es6031d-7438676000, cylinder liner es6031d-8002601000, flexmast conn gm10006-038 (38 od) es6031d-7427117000, flexmaster conn gm1006-038(pipe-48.3-od) es6031d-7527134000, guide rocker es6031d-7903317000, thermostat element es6031d-7430511000, nut es6031d-7902934000, internal circlip es6031d-7426613000, snap ring es6031d-7426615000, shaft es6031d-7904806000, key for damper es6031d-7427904000, piston es6031d-7902201000, stud es6031d-7527805000, pair of bevel gears es6031d-7405075000, serrated shaft es6031d-7405003000, barrel-plunger assembly es6031d-7904602000, bolt es6031d-7902104000, sping es6031d-7909403000, intermediate pinion es6031d-7913508000, pinion on reducer es6031d-7913516000, spring dowel es6031d-5054013030, connection for pre lub oil suction es6031d-7551917000, connection for pre lub oil pump es6031d-7551918000, lub oil engine inlet connection es6031d-7526712000, connection for oil vapour escape es6031d-7551919000, connection for oil vapour escape es6031d-7551920000, engine inlet pressure connection es6031d-7551921000, oil drain connection es6031d-7551922000, fresh water pump suction connection es6031d-7551925000, fresh water engine outlet connection es6031d-7551926000, fresh water air cooler inlet connection es6031d-7551927000, intake pressure connection es6031d-7551928000, fresh water pre heating inlet connection es6031d-7551929000, deare at turbo outlet es6031d-7551902000, dearation t.b outlet connection es6031d-7526758000, fuel pump inlet conn. es6031d-7551903000, fuel leak conn.from ss valve es6031d-7551904000, fuel feed pump discharge conn. es6031d-7551907000, level switch overflow conn. es6031d-7551905000, fuel filter inlet conn. es6031d-7551906000, barring gear air inlet connection es6031d-7526757000, barring gear air outlet connect es6031d-7526719000, ss valve air inlet conn. es6031d-7551910000, starting air conn.inlet es6031d-7551911000, governor speed setting air inlet connection es6031d-7551942000, rack position limiter es6031d-7551943000, by pass valve closing control connection es6031d-7551941000, sensor for bearing temp es6031d-7535201000, pressure transducer 0-10 bars es6031d-7552534000, fuel rack converter es6031d-7597161000, pressor regulator 7 bar es6031d-7597164000, temp switch tcm96r 90deg c increasing es6031d-7552529000, alarm module es6031d-7596346000, contact xck m1 d10 es6031d-7429805000, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-0.6-f2c es6031d-7532004000, pressure regulator (b) es6031d-ex06800101, sensor md2r-ck-80-18x1.5-90-18.f2d es6031d-7532006000, mss module 0-150 deg(convertor) es6031d-7552526000, probe mbt4-s-120-18x150-f3 ek3010b-7451702000, rectangular gasket ek3010b-7926739000, rectangular joint ek3010b-7534602000, set of gaskeet for hyd motor mh112 ek3010b-7430677000, snap ring ek3010b-7405010000, joint d116/76x1.2t reinz-s.s ek3010b-7533605000, joint d172/116x1.2t reinz ss ek3010b-7533606000, joint ek3010b-7530418000, joint ek3010b-7527121000, joint ek3010b-7527122000, joint ek3010b-7533214000, round joint ek3010b-7530315000, round joint ek3010b-7530316000, joint ek3010b-7536414000, joint ek3010b-74127100
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 50384240
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2022  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of motor starting, element, push rod, gear, inhibitor,corrosion ( concent 5 lt), screw, slotted set, alternator, rod, push, valve intake, cover,rocker lever, pump water, kit,turbo repair 4lg, guide,valve spring, hose flexible, sensor,temperature, clamp,v band, element,fuel filter, nut,heavy hexagon, hose flexible, connector pipe, hose flexible, spring valve, gasket,rocker lever cover, rubber,block, screw hexagon head cap, set piston ring, washer,plain, dipstick, plate guide valve spring inner, bearing ball, vacuum indicator, valve intake, governor barrel & plunger, screen filter, clamp,t bolt, cap filler tube, screw, socket set, gasket oil brkt to block, support filter, nozzle,piston cooling, cable flexible drive, screw hexagon head cap, seal o ring, seal rectangular ring, clamp bolt, retainer,valve spring, shaft,idler, dowel pin, transducer, plug expansion, screw hexagon head cap, gasket sea water pump, belt v, seal o ring, screw hexagon head cap, seal o ring, plug pipe, screw hexagon head cap, washer, lock, hose plain, gasket governor housing, hose flexible, gasket filter head, temperature sensor, tachometer, rod push, clamp hose, inhibitor corrosion, ring thrust, bearing connecting rod, hose plain, plug, expansion, retainer cooler & ring, pump water, clamp t bolt, element, lub oil filter, kit,tur repair, seal kit, shield for shut of valve, rod push, clamp hose, hose flexible, bearing connecting rod, sleeve salvage, screw flat head cap, bearing connecting rod, seal valve stem, cartridge lub oil filter, screw rkr lever adjusting, tensioner belt, gasket rocker lever cover, ring retaining, pump water & idler, nut hexagon flange, screw self tapping metal, plate cover, screw hex flange head cap, gasket set vta-1710, kit piston rings, motor, spring starting, upper engine gasket set, belt v, capscrew 1/2-12 x 2 1/4 cad, nozzle piston cooling, valve collet, gasket connection, hose plain, manifold fuel, kit,engine piston, belt,v, hose flexible, hose reducing, seal ring.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andaman And Nicobar Tenders Ref.No 50432887
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2022  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of laser source with lcd display el3020b, power terminal sterminal 1.5sqmm-6sqmm & auxiliary contactor el3020b.
Sector Non Classified Tenders Tender Value Rs. 95 Thousand
Location Multi State Tenders Ref.No 50472221
Closing Date 04 - Jul - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of pure tone audiometer - diagnostic - (rbsk) (q3)
Sector Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Karnataka Tenders Ref.No 50495512
Closing Date 04 - Jul - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of gilson pipetman (q3)
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