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Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 3.69 Million approx. / 36.97 Lakh approx.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50625014
Closing Date 19 - Jul - 2022  |  18 Days to go View Tender Details
Repairs, Replacement & servicing of water meters, sluice valves, non-return valves, other related fittings etc. for a period of two years during 2021-23 in water supply section, gwnd.
Sector Other Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Kerala Tenders Ref.No 50473450
Closing Date 13 - Jul - 2022  |  12 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of laboratory items - bariumchloride[500ml], bilirubin(ensure)(2x100ml), creatininine kinetic(ensure agape)(2x100ml), cleaning solution, cover slip, capillary tube[100 number pack], distilled water, edta, esr tube disposable, whats man filter paper, fouchets reagent[125 ml], glass slide, drabkin solution, immersion oil [merck] 100 ml, leishman stain [500ml], lancet, plastic tube[500 number box], blood sugar l.s (ensure)[500 ml kt], tourniquet, urea kinetic[ liquid stable][2x50ml], uristix rafa mission[100 number box], acetone urine stix[100 number box], malaria parasite card , widal slide[4x5ml], widal tube [4x50ml], wbc fluid[500ml], microtip 200 micro ltr, microtip blue 200-1000 micro ltr, widalrack steel, sgot (ensure) [2x50ml], sgpt (ensure) [2x50ml], alkaline phosphatase (ensure)[5x10ml], protein(ensure)[2x100ml], albumin(ensure)[2x100ml], triglycerides(ensure)[4x50ml], cholesterol(ensure)[5x100ml], ra test[100 test kit], asot[100 test kit], uric acid[2x50], disporable plastic tube, urine container 20ml, cell wash liquid 100ml, cd marker, direct hdl kinetic (ensure) [2x40ml], blood collection edta tube , blood collection clotted red.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.34 Lakh approx.
Location West Bengal Tenders Ref.No 50438233
Closing Date 12 - Jul - 2022  |  11 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply and delivery of emergency and pathological disposable items - syringe insulin with needle, size: 1ml, syringe with needle, size: 2ml, syringe with needle, size: 5ml, syringe with needle, size: 10 ml, syringe without needle, size: 50 ml, syringe with needle, size: 20 ml, accutrend glucose, (accuchek active), ultrafine needle lancet – ii, disposable needle, size: 22g, disposable needle, size: 26g, latex tube, blood sample collection tube, (edta) k3 non vacuum, sample collection, stool/urine (sterile), sample collection, stool/urine (non-sterile), auto pipette /micro tip (2- 200ul), auto pipette /micro tip (200-1000ul), tissue paper roll at port hospital, haldia dock complex.
Sector Recreational Services Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra Tenders Ref.No 50208674
Closing Date 11 - Jul - 2022  |  10 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Invivo animal imaging system with ct
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Goa Tenders Ref.No 50655330
Closing Date 08 - Jul - 2022  |  7 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of electrical spares digital insulation tester, digital clamp meter, voltage stabilizer for air conditioner.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50187680
Closing Date 05 - Jul - 2022  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Maintenance free battery with top up provision in built charging indicator, factory charged as per following specification:- i) capacity = 12 v, 88/90 ah in standard container. ii) handle provision: collapsible / foldable handle or strap type. iii) suitable for cranking operation of heavy vehicle engines. make: exide / amaron / hbl / rocket / okaya
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50445428
Closing Date 05 - Jul - 2022  |  4 Days to go View Tender Details
Procurement of drugs, surgical products, ophthalmic products, laboratory products and hospital products etc - cardio vascular drugs, propranonol hydrochloride sr 120mg. (abbott/sunpharma), tranquilizers/sadatives/anti psychotic drugs, zolpidem tartrate 12.5mg. extended release(sove it 12.5 -ipca laboratories limited/stilnoct 12.5-sanofi india), opthalmic drugs, injection tropicamide 0.02% + phenylephrine hydrochloride 0.31% + lidocaine hydrochloride 1% (phenocaine plus-entod), covid-19 drugs, 2 deoxy-d-glucose (2-dg), ointments/ creams/oil/lotion, calamine and zinc oxide lotion, bottles of 10- 200ml.; total required quantity shown in ml (calamine lotion/nanzidryl lotion-nanz/calmis lotion-adpl), fluocinolone 0.025% w/w+neomycin 0.5% w/w (tube) (flucort,glenmark), lidocaine 5% w/w ointment (tube), pack of 50-70gm (lox/xylocaine), sertaconazole nitrate 2% w/v lotion, pack of 30-50ml (onabet lotion-glenmark/mycoclin lotion-conixa), sertaconazole nitrate 2% ointment, pack of 10-20gm (onabet ointment- glenmark), clotrimazole 1% w/v + beclomethasone 0.025% w/v/ml lotion, pack of 15-30ml (candid b lotion-glenmark), permethrin lotion 5% w/w, pack of 50-100ml (scab-n-lice lotion-nanz pharma/scabiguard lotion-abbott), injections, inj. atropine sulphate 100mg/100ml vial, (atrag-argon remedies/ tropin-neon), inj. trypan blue (0.8) (bludye/indoco/auroblue), inj. methylergometrine maleate 0.2mg./ml amp (inj methargin-maneesh), inj. sodium bicarbonate 4.2gm/50ml vial (sodac-noen), inj. lidocaine 5% ample/2ml (lox 5%-neon/cignoke-celon/samarth), inj. haloperidol 5mg/ml ( haprol 5mg-neon/mindol inj. 5 mg-micro lab.), inj. metoprolol tartrate 1mg/1ml in 5ml vial (metolar inj-cipla ltd.), inj. bivalent human papilloma vaccines (hpv), pfs/vial of 0.5ml (injection cervarix-gsk), inj. nitroglycerin 5mg/1 ml: amp/vial, inj. adenosine 6mg/2ml vial, inj vitamin k1 (k nat- kontest), surgical and hospital products, wide area dressing fixation (safi ops/essity/bsn/bmt/ flemingo), non adhesive sterllized eye pad (goldwin medicare/bsn/dmt), foleys catheter size no.6 (healthium medtech pvt. ltd./romson/ polymedicure), surgeon's cotton gown large (romson/medkline), splints, synthetic short leg splints, (dyna/flemingo/essity/tynor), sterile surgical towel,disposable,(75 x75 cm), cotton green towl (draw sheet big size), tongue depressor, disposable. (sisco), bio-modified silk wound dressing specified size: 10 x 10 cm (fibroheal 10x10cm-healthline pvt. ltd.), chloroxylenol 4.8% + terpineol; pack of 5 liter jar (nanz med science pharma/dettol), nasal cannula for airvo and mr-850 for highflow mask (romson), sutures, polypropylene mesh 10 x 11 cm. , polyglactin 3-0, straight round body needle , oil lens & i/a tubing cassettee, hydrofobic acrilic aspheric neg. aberration optic with prelodaded disposable delivery (+1 d to + 28 d) (zeiss), single use cassettee (i/a) tubing quickset & drainage for model zeiss visalis s 500, covid-19 products, alcohol 70% v/v with glycerol based having pump despenser, pack of 500ml bottle, benzalkonium chloride (bkc-50%), ent products, nasal forecep-stainless steel (moonlight/sisco), eye equipments/iol, skin retractor for eye-stainless steel (sharpedge/oms pvt. ltd.), dissector-stainless steel (sharpedge/oms pvt. ltd.), aspheric iol s/p uv absorber (+1 d to +28 d)-abott, tinctures, chemicals & x-ray chemical, barium sulphate (baso4) suspension {microbar} 1 ltr.bottle (eskay), ecg products, electrode disposable nos. (philips/micromed), chest lead for ecg machine pkt of 10s (philips), other hospital products, sterilizer cable, bio-medical waste bag 20kg, color-black (non clorinated with incinerable), pillow (everest), hospital blanket (oswal industries (pvt) ltd.), balanced salt solution(500ml) (denisol), non adhesive ventilation face mask full size (romson/polymed), glucometer (bayer counter ts), high flow nasal mask (romson/polymed), formaldeyde tablet, glucose tablet, laboratory products, assayed chemistry control lyphocheck level high, pack of 12x5ml bottle (biorad ), assayed chemistry control lyphocheck level low, pack of 12x5ml bottle (biorad ), viral transport medium (vtm).
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value Rs. 2.05 Lakh approx.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50222373
Closing Date 04 - Jul - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract for maintaining hospital equipments of shadow less lamp (stand type) 1no, suction apparatus 10nos, o.t. tables 5nos, shadow less lamp (ceiling) 1no, muscle stimulator 1no, short wave diathermy 1no, wax bath unit 2nos, cervical traction unit 1no, static cycles 2no, lumbar traction unit 1no, b.p. apparatus 22no, ultra sound units1no, i.f.t.u unit 1no.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Andhra Pradesh Tenders Ref.No 50222391
Closing Date 04 - Jul - 2022  |  3 Days to go View Tender Details
Annual maintenance contract for maintaining operation theatre equipments of surgical diathermy 1no, diathermy (under water cutting) 2 nos, horizontal auto clave machine 2 nos, multipara monitor 5nos, pulse oxy meters 3 nos, fetal monitor 1no, surgical microscope 2 nos.
Sector Shipping Tenders Tender Value N.A.
Location Orissa (Odisha) Tenders Ref.No 50228385
Closing Date 02 - Jul - 2022  |  1 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of 01 no. modern survey launch fitted with survey equipment along with manning crew on hire for hydrographic survey of paradip port waters at for a period of seven years
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